The VBAC is launching a series of Webinars due to the pandemic situation, which take place every 2 months. The first VBAC webinar was A tribute to C. S. Seshadri organised in September 2020.

Upcoming VBAC Webinars

All times are in UTC (GMT). Advanced registration is required; follow this link to register.

Tropical Geometry — 24 January 2022

14:30 - 15:15 David Jensen (University of Kentucky): Non-Abelian Brill-Noether Theory of Genus 13 Curves.

Abstract: Non-abelian Brill-Noether theory is the study of higher rank vector bundles on algebraic curves. The theory of line bundles on curves has a rich history, with many important results including the celebrated Brill-Noether Theorem of Griffiths and Harris. In the late 90's, Bertram-Feinberg and Mukai independently provided conjectural analogues of the Brill-Noether theorem in the non-abelian setting. We verify this conjecture in the special case of genus 13 curves. As a consequence, we see that the moduli space of genus 13 Pryms is of general type. This is joint work with Gavril Farkas and Sam Payne.

15:30 - 16:15 Madeline Brandt (Brown University): Top Weight Cohomology of $A_g$.

Abstract: I will discuss a recent project in computing the top weight cohomology of the moduli space $A_g$ of principally polarized abelian varieties of dimension $g$ for small values of $g$. This piece of the cohomology is controlled by the combinatorics of the boundary strata of a compactification of $A_g$. Thus, it can be computed combinatorially. This is joint work with Juliette Bruce, Melody Chan, Margarida Melo, Gwyneth Moreland, and Corey Wolfe.

Stacks and Good Moduli Spaces — 28 March 2022

14:00 - 14:45 Jochen Heinloth (Universit├Ąt Duisburg-Essen): TBA

15:00 - 15:45 Chiara Damiolini (University of Pennsylvania): TBA

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